Who We Are?

We Are History 

The African American Club will be the one and only social club catering to the African American population of Kenosha, WI. However, this will be like no other social club by transcending the traditional notion of a social club. Drawing on the framework of “Black Wall Street”, a cluster of black owned businesses established at the turn of the 20th century in Tulsa, OK, The African American Club will house and foster the African American community like no other social club has before. A collection of businesses will be housed within the building to serve the members of the club creating a sort of city within a city. The top floor of the building will have at least four luxurious condos allowing for a lived-in residential feel, along with 24-hour security and a bustling communal area.


Problem Worth Solving

During a time of racial unrest and cultural divisiveness, it is more important than  ever to have a place to go to feel connected. Connected to one another, to a culture,  an identity and to foster a sense of community. Unfortunately, there are few places  for African Americans to do this in Kenosha, WI. Kendal West, the founder of The  African American Club, aims to change that.


The need for a sense of community can no longer be overlooked or its benefits  understated. Social clubs help people to remember their shared experiences,  traditions, identities, struggles and aspirations. Kendal West draws on the  experience of Greenwood, Tulsa in the early 1900s for his vision of the social club he  is creating. Known as “Black Wall Street”, Greenwood was the most affluent African American communities in the United States during the period. African Americans  developed an insular economy based on black owned businesses including a grocery  store, barbershop, doctor’s office, real estate agents, newspapers, schools, a funeral  home, churches and other religious organizations.The African American Club will take this rich history and adapt it to modern Kenosha  in the form of an augmented social club. The club will be housed in a modern angelic  building sustainably designed using green energy.